Monday, March 17, 2014

life & co

Hello! Today you'll find Alice and I over at Nia Neve's delightful blog, life & co. As part of Nia's Around the World series, I talk about my home town - Hahndorf, in the Adelaide Hills - a very cute mouse house and why I like to hang figs from barn lofts. See you there!

Friday, February 14, 2014

be my mailentine

There's mail and there's mail. And then there's mail from Amber Carlson, author of A Thoughtful Blog. It's crafted over weeks, after months of thought, and arrives on Valentine's Day in a box so pretty it's almost a shame to peel off the tape and reveal what's inside. It's rich in detail, from the choice of paper stock and stamps, to the wax embossing (a wreath on mine) sealing handwritten notes. It's layered with surprises too - a matchbox of fairy fare here, a glitter heart and crepe paper rosette there and somewhere, in between, three ivory candles fastened with an ink bow. It will remind you that you're loved and of friendships forged across seas. It's mail you'll keep forever.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A few weeks ago I signed up to The Creative Exchange. Organised by Sam, of Dunne with Style, the Instagram-driven swap is a perfect excuse to wrap and write! Each person is paired with a fellow creative for whom they must prepare a box of treasures. The contents is meant to inspire them to make something new, relative to their interests and style. Since my exchange partner loves flowers, I decided to put together a kitchen garden kit. I started by making a hanging vase and planter (I will show you how later this week) using a thrifted doilie and a teeny jar found underneath my old house when the kitchen was demolished. I packaged some sweet pea and rosemary seeds in cute little bags designed by Yvestown - one of my fave blogs - and put them inside a book from le petit paperie, my go-to place for beautiful stationery and tape. I also included enough dried petals and wool to make a flower garland (see my last post) and a recipe for homemade tea-in-a-test-tube, which I tied with string and placed in a cute jar with a cork lid. I packed it all in a box finished with a simple brown paper wrap.

Monday, February 10, 2014

a flower garland

The morning walk to Alice's kindy has become a treasure hunt. We talk about the day ahead and look for things to pocket - feathers, fallen blooms with pretty petals or stones that shimmer like glitter in the early sun. This morning we spied a brown tree leaf that looked just like a mini tassel. I took it home and wrapped its stem in sequins and then strung it on a woollen line with a few dried friends. They were waiting in a garland for Alice when she got home.

To make your own...

Gather some dried flowers. Strip the stems of small leaves and thorns and then cover with a small slick of hot glue. Wrap sequins, ribbon or strips of fabric around the stems and leave to dry. Arrange the flowers in a line as you'd like them to appear on your garland. One at a time, knot each bloom directly onto a piece of string or wool, starting with the middle flower and then working left to right. Finally, hang your garland with some cute tape.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Flower girl

This morning I had a long black and blooms for breakfast at Est + Stu's. Alice and I shot over early to snap the wedding flowers Est had spent the past two days preparing. All green and white and so Austin Bloom. I'll show you the flowers later this week, but first these pics of my friend-the-flower-girl at work; trademark navy + white stripes on and birds nest hairdo in. Love.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today, yesterday and in-between

A cute cat cut-out from Frankie, pink garden pickings and a card haul from beebees80. In-between all that prettiness, I snuck up a few glass baubles for Christmas (way too early, I know, but I fell hard for them, as did Alice) and dressed up some power points with little critters from love mae, just because I can. I've also wrapped a bunch of things, but that's a story for another day...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life of Piper

I have a bunch of favourite blogs but the one I love most is concrete & honey. I love author (and maker of pretty things) Nicola's eye for detail and the way she interprets daily life through her lens - from flowers and cake to crafting and even ironing, it's all effortlessly beautiful. Recently Nic and Mr welcomed Piper into the world. A few days before her arrival, I bundled up some Squeak & Squirrel and sent it over. The parcel was as much for Nic as anything; a small way of saying thank you for providing a place to get lost everyday (and for helping me deck my home out in garlands and hearts!) Nic posted some nursery pics last week and I was thrilled to spy my little flamingo bodysuit doing a happy dance on Piper's change table and wardrobe door. I couldn't think of a better home for Flamingo's golden plumes and long gingham legs. Oh, and how adorable is Piper?!